January 29, 2018

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Hello I'm Here - Huichol Beading Attempt

February 3, 2017

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Design - plan or accident

April 17, 2017

For the month of March I offered to be a guest adviser on the Facebook group Seed Beads and More.  The bead challenge for the month was beaded eggs and since I have done quite a few of these I thought I might be able to help.  To really help them out I designed 2 new egg patterns.


The first one - Eggstra Crystally (love that word play) was part planned and part playing around.  I knew  

what I wanted the center band of the egg to look like and once I had that I played around with the top and the bottom until I liked the way it looked.


This did entail some ripping out and redoing but not as much as other pieces I've made.  It just kind of fell into place.  I love when designing works this way - it's more like play than work.  



Now the other one - well that was an egg of a different color.  First of all, I knew I wanted to do something in Peyote stitch because this group really loves their Peyote stitch (just to let you know - I'm not that big a fan of this stitch).  So I decided an egg covered in Russian leaves would be fantastic and for a change I even sketched something out.  



After making the first leaf I knew my little sketch would have to wait for another time because the leaf was way too big.  I don't like to waste time with completely ditching something and starting over.  I believe there was a reason for this mistake and it was going to turn into something beautiful.  So I pushed onward.

I laid my large leaf down and quite by accident the ends flopped in to the center of the leaf.  Well that's kind of cool I thought to myself  - now what to do with it.  I played around until I had the center jewels in place and now a new idea began to form.



I made 3 more large petals.  The next thing I did was tape these all to the egg they way I thought they should go and I tried to figure out

how all the connections would work.  Well guess what - no matter how I looked at it, it just wasn't coming together the way I thought it should.  


I went to bed hoping to look at it with new eyes in the morning.  Well something happened overnight - husband, animal, gravity, ghosts, me sleep beading - not sure - but when I went in the next morning the beadwork was upside down  on the egg from the way I had left it.  And now I saw all the connections.



Thus the Marchemarch egg was designed - mostly by accident.  (To top off the story - the name is an accident too.  I was looking up the word Marquis to see other versions of it and I misread a post that said it from Marche or march - totally missed that word "or" and thus the egg became Marchemarch).


Both patterns are available for sale in my Etsy store.



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